Healing Service Saturday, April 30th 4:30pm

VFPC is hosting a Service of Healing on Saturday April 3oth, 4:30 pm. All are invited: whether as one battling illness, representing a friend or loved one who is, serving as a caregiver for one who is, or who simply wants to express support and be an encouragement. 

We all know many who are suffering from serious illnesses or ongoing chronic health problems, and others who care for them and walk with them. We invite you to this opportunity to encounter our Savior and Great Physician in a unique and powerful way. 
In order to be a safe place for those among us who may have compromised immune systems, we will be taking a few extra precautions:
  • If you have, or recently have had, a cold, flu symptoms, infection, etc., please do not attend. You are invited instead to offer prayer during that time, and  to send along a note of encouragement which can be read at the service. You will be wth us in spirit.
  • We will have hand sanitizer available, and will be asking anyone who attends to use it as soon as you enter the church—no exceptions.
  • We will have masks available for anyone concerned about being exposed to contagions. Even if you would typically avoid crowds, we want to make it safe for you to receive this ministry. Please come, and if you wish, you are welcome to sit in a sectioned off area a safe distance away from other attendees.
Planned components of the service:
  • The Lord’s Supper will be shared
  • Anointing with oil
  • An opportunity to express prayers in written words or pictures
  • A prayer station at the foot of the cross, where you can receive prayer from another, or pray on your own
  • An opportunity to light a candle for yourself or another, as either a memorial, or as a prayer for their ongoing battle
  • You will also be welcomed and encouraged to offer prayer for yourself or others silently from your pew
  • Some music, and a brief meditation/homily

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