A Great Week for REACH!

On Sunday Pastor Doug challenged the congregation to a $350.00 night for our last Pizza Tip Nite. Talk about blowing that out of the water! $322.76 was raised from tips alone tonight at Caro Pizza Hut, PLUS additional gifts were given Sunday and tonight totaling $250.00 more, bringing the preliminary total to $572.76 raised in 3 days!! (There are still pop cans to be turned in too.)
Thank you SO much to this congregation, First United Methodist’s and Grace ELCA’s congregations, and your friends and family for the gifts and prayers toward REACH.
If you want to know more about what happens each summer at REACH Mission Trips, check out our own REACH Facebook Group, and our church’s REACH web page, or REACH’s official website.
PTL! And thanks for being a blessing to our kids and those they will soon serve!

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