Service of Prayer and Healing This Saturday at 4pm

Our Service of Prayer and Healing is almost here… we hope you will avail yourself of this opportunity for ministry to body and soul! 

When: Saturday November 19th, 4:00pm

Where: First Presbyterian Church, Vassar

Who: Anyone needing healing for any reason, or coming to represent someone who does

What kinds of needs? Any kind: physical, spiritual, emotional, mental; illnesses, addictions, spiritual strongholds, PTSD, relationships…. 

Then what? Food!! You are invited to share in a potluck dinner after service concludes.

This service will include communion, a brief meditation on the holiday blues many of us experience this time of year, and four voluntary stations: 1) Anointing with Oil, 2) Creative expression, 3) Candle Lighting (for self, for a friend, or in memory of someone), and 4) prayer at the foot of the cross.
We will again take precautions for those with compromised immune systems: all will be required to use hand sanitizer, and an area in the back will be reserved for those concerned about catching germs from others breathing from behind them.

We hope that you will join us for this special time of worship, to give and receive ministry from God, and through each other.

Questions? Contact Pastor Doug or Elder Steve Franko.

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