Special Guest Coming this Sunday!

Hello everyone:

I received word recently that the Rev. John Becker will be visiting the area and is planning to attend Sunday worship. He was kind enough to contact me and ask if that was ok, upon which of course I told him he is welcome any time.

A few of you receiving this may not have known John, but of course most of you do and I imagine would be eager to see him again. While I suspect his schedule prior to Sunday may be tight, I’m sure he’d welcome your call.

I was tempted to ask him to preach, but thought better of it—my sense is he just wants to come, worship, and reconnect without any “fuss” (I know him to be a humble guy).

I do hope, though, you will be able to make it Sunday morning to welcome him and reconnect with him. I know he’ll be very glad to see each of you, and even meet new faces.


—Pastor Doug

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