The Ludwigs: Mission Co-workers in Niger

ludwigThis Sunday in worship we will be introduced to our newly adopted missionaries through PC(USA) missions: The Ludwigs. The Session voted this summer to begin supporting their work in Niger after considering a number of worthy options. The Ludwigs are working not only as evangelists, but as  literacy trainers. They have been accepted as family in the community they serve, despite it being an almost exclusively Muslim context, and God has been blessing their work.

You are already participating in their work if you give to the church’s general budget. We invite you to participate individually too, as God leads. You can designate to them on a check or envelope, or use our app and online service and select their envelope. They are also supported by several other churches in our presbytery, across the nation, and by our presbytery itself (thanks to our per capita contributions).

We hope in the future to be able to arrange a LIVE introduction to them in worship through Skype! Until then, they would appreciate your prayers and would be delighted to pray for you as well.

You can visit their website and watch their video at this link.




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