The Las Vegas Shooting

Dear Friends: I’m sure you each are as saddened and dismayed as I am about the mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas. As of this writing, casualties stand at 59 dead, 527 injured. There are no words.
First and foremost, I call up upon us all to pray, pray, pray: for the victims and their families, loved ones, and friends, for the Las Vegas community, and for our nation.
Secondly, there is a Go Fund Me page that was set up by officials in Las Vegas to fund the many needs of all impacted by this tragedy: the injured and their families, and the families of the deceased. Below is the link to that page. Please check it out and please share it around.
I do not see anything up yet on the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance page but will let you know if they intend to respond.
Still Praying for Peace and Living in Hope,

PD Sig

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 10.31.11 PM

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