March 14th Call to Prayer

March 14 Walkout

Wherever you stand on the issue of gun violence and it’s solutions, standing with our students in the wake of so many school shootings over the years is something I hope we can all do without reservation. 
It is my hope that our church can participate in the bell ringing this event calls us to. I think 4 volunteers would cover it, each taking turns ringing 17 times for a minute, which is once every 3 minutes and 50 seconds, beginning at 10:00am through 10:17am. And if we have more, all the better. We are close enough to the school that those gathered there, and the whole DT area, should be able to hear us easily.
I myself am planning to join the students and others who will participate in this event up at the school.
I have had one volunteer already for ringing the bell. Are there 3 more? If so please email me at
Please stand with our kids! This simple act will be a powerful witness that says to them “Yes, the Church cares…yes, Jesus cares.”
Shalom, Pastor Doug

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