Parables Study Begins Tonight

Hi Everyone: just a reminder that our parables study begins tonight at 6:30 at the Manse (call or text if you need more detail; 989-780-2813). This will be Every Wednesday through Dec 12th, with Thanksgiving week off.

Whether you signed up or not, you are welcome. Nor is this a study that one needs to prep for or make every week in order to keep from falling behind. Rather, each is a self-contained week focused on one of Jesus’ parables.

Please be aware that our house will be partially “discombobulated” due to being in the middle of painting. It will still be fine to meet (no wet pain!), but you may be enjoying the delightful smell of fresh paint. If that causes you issues please be aware.

Please bring your bible, a notebook and pen if you need them, a curious mind, and an open heart!

Looking forward to being in the Word together again…


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