Christmas Eve & Pledge Cards

Hi Everyone: First, please find below the details for our Christmas Eve service, which you may have seen in the newsletter, bulletin, and papers. We pray you will be able to join us on this blessed and holy night!
Secondly, a friendly reminder to turn in your pledge cards if you haven’t already and intend to. This is not only a help to us in budgeting but a help to you as well as you renew your commitment to our church’s ministry in 2019.
Finally, we are still looking for some volunteers for Christmas Eve. (!!) Let PD know ASAP if you’re interested. Please don’t be shy, we cannot make personal calls to everyone to get this done! There is no speaking or acting, costumes provided. So far we have Mary, Shepherds, 2 Magi, and an angel (thank you to those who volunteered!). We still need a Joesph, a 3rd Magi, and 2 people to do lights. 
I’m looking forward to once again sharing this blessed time with you. See you Sunday morning and Monday evening, and may God’s hope, peace, joy, and love fill your lives in this holy season.
VFPC Christmas Eve Ad.png

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