Our Eldership

The name “Presbyterian” comes from the Greek “presbuteros,” a term found throughout much of the New Testament, which means “elder.” A “Presbyterian” church is a church governed and led by Elders. In the PC(USA) we recognize two types: Teaching Elders, who are commonly called by a congregation to serve as pastors, and Ruling Elders, who are elected from the congregation, by the congregation. Together, these make up the “Session.” The Session is responsible for all ministries and functions of the church.
Our particular congregation is led by a Session of “Ruling Elders,” plus a Clerk of Session and our Pastor, who serves as Moderator.
In our form of government, we believe God speaks most clearly through community. We do not believe in a “clergy class,” only in differences of calling and function.
Decisions do not rest with any single individual, but a group of Ruling and Teaching Elders who seek God’s voice together. We are governed by the prayerful will of the majority while protecting the equally prayerful and often prophetic voice of the minority.