Adult Growth

Our community of faith believes faith is lived out in community!

We run or host several small groups of varying purposes, because to follow Jesus is to follow him in every aspect of life. We invite you to find your place with us to learn, grow, and serve, as we travel the road of life and faith together….

Small Groups:

We do not have a “one size fits all” approach to small groups. Groups can be mid sized or very small. They can form around a need, like our community cancer support group, or be a bible study or a modern book discussion, or mission-focused, or simply be about “doing life together.” Some are just women or men, others co-ed. Some are more general studies, others are targeted support groups. Most are open, but some may be closed due to the need addressed. They may run for a specific number of weeks and then be done, or they may be standing groups with periodic breaks to re-form, allow members to join or leave, and re-focus. 
To find out more, whether you wish to become part of a group or form one, contact Pastor Doug. We also publish new group offerings (or opportunities to jump into existing groups) through posts to this site (see below to get in your inbox), as well as in our Sunday bulletin and monthly newsletter.

Ministry Teams:

We have a variety of teams that do the multifaceted work of ministry in our community and to our friends and members. We consider these to also be small groups focused on advancing God’s kingdom, not institutional structures. They are led and resourced by one or more of our elders, but consist of anyone feeling called to that ministry. Whatever your abilities and passions may be, there is a place for you to serve and give alongside others in concrete ways within and through our church, whether it be local outreach, global outreach, fix-it projects, evangelism, youth, children, publicity and communication, financial leadership, worship planning, tech ministry, or drama.


Our Bell Choir rehearses on Wednesdays, 8:00 pm, Heritage Room (Main Floor), during the school year. Our Vocal Choir is a combined group of our own choir members and First United Methodist’s choir members, under the direction of Pat Middlin. Rehearsals are at the Methodist Church, 139 N Main St. in Vassar, 7-8pm, during the school year. The choir sings at both congregations on most Sundays.

See our Church Calendar page, subscribe to this site below, or contact the church office for more details.