Nursery & Children

We take safety and security very seriously. All adults who work with children of any age are required to have completed a background check each year.

Worship and Sunday School: Ages 3-5 and 6-11

Children of any age are always welcome in our worship service. Children 3-11 attend the first part of worship, then are dismissed to Children’s Sunday School for age-appropriate learning with an adult. Children 0-3 are welcome to use the nursery and can be taken down right before worship or at any time during the service (3’s can then be taken to Sunday school after the children’s sermon).
Children’s Sunday School runs during the academic school year and is ordinarily not offered during the summer. Our Nursery is offered for ages 0-3 year-round.

Nursery: Ages 0-3

Safety and security are our #1 priority in our nursery. Cleanliness and sanitation are a very close second. Our nursery is equipped with the things children 0-3 need: cribs, changing table, toys, nap space, bright child-appropriate colors, and most of all competent volunteers who have completed background checks. Our aim is for you to feel comfortable leaving your child with us so you are free to worship.
Security and Safety:
  • Our nursery will always be staffed with at least one adult volunteer. A second may be a responsible high school student. We have others standing by to serve if needed to maintain low ratios: 1:3 for infants, 1:4 for toddlers.
  • All adult nursery workers must pass yearly background checks (we use ICHAT, same as the school system uses).
  • We will not release a child to any other person than the adult who signed the child in unless specifically directed to by that person. No exceptions.
  • Our nursery has a half door for security. When picking up your child, he or she will be handed to you over the half door.
  • There is a dedicated restroom inside the nursery so that your child need not be taken out of the nursery.
  • We do not permit anyone other than those working the nursery to remain there. Parents who wish to stay with their child are invited to keep him or her with them in worship.
  • Should there ever be an emergency requiring evacuation of the building, the nursery is only a few steps away from two different exit routes: one on the nursery level and one up the stairs.
Cleanliness and Sanitation:
  • Our nursery space, and toys, fixtures, etc., are cleaned and sanitized every week to deter the spread of germs.
  • We keep hand sanitizer in the nursery and use anti-bacterial soap in the bathroom.
  • If you know your child has a cold or any other communicable illness, we ask that you not bring him or her to the nursery. If your child shows signs of being sick after sign-in, we will ask you to come get him or her.