All is Well…

Dear Church Family:
Thank you everyone at service yesterday for rolling with things when I suddenly got sick. I hope I didn’t scare anyone too badly, and hope I didn’t spoil the Pentecost Party. (And for those of you that missed… look what potential fun you miss out on when you skip church!)
I want to assure you I am alright and have had no further issues for the moment, but that given some steadily growing symptoms of low energy and fatigue I am making a doc appointment and will seek referrals to some specialists with long medical-sounding names that end in “-ologist.” I appreciate your prayers (and your grace!) as I begin what may be a long exploratory process to figure out what’s up. 
I want to assure you glucose was not the reason for what happened and is being well controlled—I’m taking care of myself best I can. I don’t want to put you all through things like that if I have any choice in the matter!
In the meantime, please don’t worry about me. God and I talked on the phone today and He assured me I will be uncannily healthy with the energy of 1,000 men and a stomach of steel from here on out until I’m at least 112, after which we’ll renegotiate. In fact, He wants me to climb Mt Everest next week, which he says will be super easy for me, just to keep me from getting bored. 😜
Ok, not really, but still… don’t worry!
Much love and prayers to you all, 
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Pastor Doug and the Abels

Relay for Life Wants YOU!

Dear Friends: This is from Kimberly Ward, 2017 Relay for Life Coordinator: 

As you may or may not know, for the past several years, I have helped organize the Relay for Life events at Vassar Public Schools. This year (5th Annual) will be the biggest and best event yet! We would love to have you be a part of it!

The event this year is on May 19th, with opening ceremonies starting at 8:30am at VHS Football Field. This event will go on all day 8:30am-3:20pm for students K-12. The day also includes a cancer survivor walk and breakfast.

We are looking for many items (as this event is made up of all volunteers, donations, and sponsorships). 

  • Addresses of Cancer Survivors and caregivers that would like to attend the walk/breakfast/event (students are mailing postcards out)
  • Sponsorships for ACS or expenses (sponsorship packet attached)
  • Small gifts for the survivor/caregiver gift bags (200 of the same item)
  • Door prizes for the survivors/caregivers to try and win (gift certificates, handmade items…pretty much anything is fair game!)
  • A few items for the Survivor Breakfast including: purple tablecloth for 25 tables, beverages, etc. 
  • Items for the Elementary School’s games.  

If you have any questions, please message me on Facebook or by email, or call me at (989) 780-4573

If you or someone you know might be interested in attending or helping us in any way, please have them contact me. Sponsorship forms are due May 5th. Items due to the school no later than May 12. There are many sponsorship and in-kind donation incentives. 

Please visit our Facebook page: Relay for Life of Vassar Public Schools. That page also contains a link to donate online! 

Thank you for you help and support!

Kimberlee Ward 


Don’t Forget to Spring Ahead!

🎶 🎶 “It’s the most WONDERFUL time… of the year… 🎶 🎶
This Sunday Daylight Savings Time resumes. So don’t forget to set your clocks ahead and turn in early! Regular Sunday School class and officer training are still a go. We’ll have the coffee brewing for you!