First Fruits Sunday is This Sunday Nov 19th!

Hello Church:

Our annual “First Fruits” Sunday is this Sunday November 19th during our regular worship time. This is where we will bring forward tokens of our commitment to the ministry of VFPC in 2018, using symbols of the harvest provided for you as you enter worship and, if applicable, your pledge cards. We hope this will be a celebration of generosity and love for our church and our community! 

If for some reason you cannot be present this Sunday morning you can still get your pledges into the church office any time in the next several weeks. These are always helpful in the Session’s budgeting process. We will be reviewing and hopefully passing our church’s budget at our December meeting, on Dec. 14th, or failing that, at our January meeting on January 11th. 

Without you our ministry to this community and beyond would not be possible! We appreciate and celebrate your gifts of time, talent, and treasure. We pray and expect God will multiply our efforts as we continue to navigate the changing seas in which we do our work. We thank you for your part in that pursuit!

Pursuing God’s Kingdom Together,

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Service Canceled Due to Power Outage

For anyone who still has internet access… we are cancelling worship this morning due to the power outage. While there’s much we could still have done and many of us would have still come, having no lights could cause a number of safety hazards. A robo call is on its way. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to worship in another way, and see you next Sunday if not before.
Shalom, Pastor Doug

The Las Vegas Shooting

Dear Friends: I’m sure you each are as saddened and dismayed as I am about the mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas. As of this writing, casualties stand at 59 dead, 527 injured. There are no words.
First and foremost, I call up upon us all to pray, pray, pray: for the victims and their families, loved ones, and friends, for the Las Vegas community, and for our nation.
Secondly, there is a Go Fund Me page that was set up by officials in Las Vegas to fund the many needs of all impacted by this tragedy: the injured and their families, and the families of the deceased. Below is the link to that page. Please check it out and please share it around.
I do not see anything up yet on the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance page but will let you know if they intend to respond.
Still Praying for Peace and Living in Hope,

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Hurricane Relief


Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is on the Job!

If you would like to donate to the recovery effort you can:

  1. Put a check or envelope in the plate marked “PDA-HURRICANE RELIEF”; we will send in with a note to go where most needed.
  2. Give through the church’s E-Giving service, Givelify, and select the “PDA-HURRICANES” envelope: again, will go to where most needed.
  3. Visit PDA”s Webpage: which has links for H. Harvey and H. Irma. They will likely soon have a link for H. Maria as well.