Christmas Eve & Pledge Cards

Hi Everyone: First, please find below the details for our Christmas Eve service, which you may have seen in the newsletter, bulletin, and papers. We pray you will be able to join us on this blessed and holy night!
Secondly, a friendly reminder to turn in your pledge cards if you haven’t already and intend to. This is not only a help to us in budgeting but a help to you as well as you renew your commitment to our church’s ministry in 2019.
Finally, we are still looking for some volunteers for Christmas Eve. (!!) Let PD know ASAP if you’re interested. Please don’t be shy, we cannot make personal calls to everyone to get this done! There is no speaking or acting, costumes provided. So far we have Mary, Shepherds, 2 Magi, and an angel (thank you to those who volunteered!). We still need a Joesph, a 3rd Magi, and 2 people to do lights. 
I’m looking forward to once again sharing this blessed time with you. See you Sunday morning and Monday evening, and may God’s hope, peace, joy, and love fill your lives in this holy season.
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Christmas is just a week away! 

Christmas is almost upon us once again!
Our Christmas Eve Service this year will be at 8:30pm, and will include a living nativity, much carol singing, a beautiful offering from our joint choir under the direction of Pat Middlin, and a concluding candlelight service.
We invite you and yours to join us on this blessed and Holy night, as we once again tell the story of when our Eternal God entered our world as helpless baby Jesus.


CA Wildfires: Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

The flame shall not consume you…

Dear family of God,

We know that your hearts, like ours, have been broken as the devastation wrought by California wildfireswildfires in California continues to increase in severity. In addition to the destruction of land and forests, the cost to lives and human community has been unprecedented, and those costs are still rising. The town of Paradise has been leveled; more than 80 people have been confirmed dead at this writing, and thousands more are unaccounted for. In Northern California, families are living in tents and having difficulty accessing basic services; many of those who have lost their homes are older than 60. While the focus is on those closest to the fires, the impact is widespread. Due to the smoke, communities hundreds of miles from the fires are being impacted by unhealthy air quality. What’s more, after the wildfires there is an increased risk of mudslides.

Through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has been present since the beginning of the disaster. Working closely with leadership in the affected presbyteries, we have released emergency grants to support the presbyteries in meeting the urgent needs of their neighbors. At the request of the Red Cross, PDA has deployed four disaster spiritual care providers from our national response team to work directly with survivors in shelters and the affected communities. We are deploying additional PDA teams to support the presbyteries in their assessment and response as they help their neighbors begin recovery. Additional grants for ongoing emergency support for survivors and long-term recovery will be forthcoming.


Your gifts to DR000165 (U.S. Wildfires) will ensure that PDA has adequate resources to support the recovery. Gift of the Heart kits are a hands-on way to help others and a fun project for the Advent season; hygiene kits and school kits will especially be needed in California. You can also share this bulletin insert in church on Sunday.

As people of faith, we seek comfort, support, and direction from God. We ask that you join your spirits with ours as we walk with our California neighbors through the valley of the shadow

California wildfires

Parables Study Continues

Hello everyone:
Our Wednesday night parables study continues tomorrow night at 6:30 at the manse. We will be getting to know Jesus’ parable of the seeds (aka the Sower). If you did not sign up you are still welcome, the sign-up was only for scheduling purposes. Also, if you have been interested but the scheduled night does not work for you I have had inquiries about a possible afternoon study; if you are interested in that please let me know and we can make that happen.
Hope to see many of you there as we gather around the word of God together!

Parables Study Begins Tonight

Hi Everyone: just a reminder that our parables study begins tonight at 6:30 at the Manse (call or text if you need more detail; 989-780-2813). This will be Every Wednesday through Dec 12th, with Thanksgiving week off.

Whether you signed up or not, you are welcome. Nor is this a study that one needs to prep for or make every week in order to keep from falling behind. Rather, each is a self-contained week focused on one of Jesus’ parables.

Please be aware that our house will be partially “discombobulated” due to being in the middle of painting. It will still be fine to meet (no wet pain!), but you may be enjoying the delightful smell of fresh paint. If that causes you issues please be aware.

Please bring your bible, a notebook and pen if you need them, a curious mind, and an open heart!

Looking forward to being in the Word together again…