We seek to proclaim God’s Word with effectiveness, relevance, accessibility, and faithfulness to the text. We aim to let the scripture speak on its own terms, rather than use scripture to support a preconceived viewpoint. We strive to be honest and “real.” And we strive to do all this with humility, grace, and humor.
There is no substitute for proclaiming the Word of God. We believe it to be formative in our lives, and we delight in gathering around it each Sunday. Whether you hear it on this site or at a worship service, we pray you will hear God speak to you personally through the scriptures, and that you will be blessed and challenged by what you hear.
“A Non-Human Point of View” (4/7/2019) – Pastor Doug
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“The Aroma of Forgiveness” (3/17/2019) – Pastor Doug
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“God Almighty” (3/3/2019) – Elder Nicole Baker, on recent Niger Mission Trip)