REACH Mission Trips

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REACH Mission Trips bring the love of Christ in a very tangible way to many people in need. Each summer, hundreds of youth and adults descend on various communities throughout the U.S. to do all kinds of home repairs or updating for needy homeowners. Our youth and adult volunteers have participated in REACH work camps for 12 years and counting.
Reach 2017 Departuure.jpg
Most years we travel to other parts of the midwest or northeast for our REACH experience. However, in 2015 REACH came to Vassar and had a huge impact on our community. And in 2018, REACH will return to Vassar again! Why Does Vassar need a mission trip? Read about it here!

Vassar REACH Weeks:
July 1-7: Set Up week (no campers)
July 8-14: Jr./Sr. High Week

If you are interested, whether you are “handy” or “anything but!” we can use your help. Please contact us and we’ll connect you.